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30 December 2014 @ 02:57 am
The Angel of Death Victorious
2.5k words; nc-17
warning: depictions of gore, blood, religious context, literal blasphemy

Like a time bomb, Yifan was made to be destroyed.Collapse )
young (and maybe bold)
jungkook-centric, jin/jungkook ; pg ; 8000 w
Jeongguk's life touches Seokjin's only when they're tangential; Jeongguk wonders if he's grown up a little.
notes: written for bangtanexchange; originally posted here !

Jeongguk isn't sure what he's expectingCollapse )
notes: every bangtan pairing drabble challenge w fearnoworld ! tho they ended up being a bit longer...than drabbles...sighs u n u first set of 3 !

v/jungkook ; 932 w ; g
requested by mangafanxd i blame you for it being so long it's really not a drabble.

Where did you come from?Collapse )

secret weapon
jimin/jungkook ; 611 w ; pg-13
bc fearnoworld also bc this is a thing

Jimin is sick and tired of Jeon fucking JeonggukCollapse )

rapmon/jungkook ; 874 w ; g
reference to this

I think he wants your approvalCollapse )
don't hate the player (hate the game)
jb/bambam ; nc-17 ; 2585 w
jinyoung thinks up a game; bambam suffers because of it.
warnings: underage

notes: this is all bc mangafanxd had a bright idea and then seulpeo came in the picture and it all went to hell. this was never supposed to happen. i'm going to hell. goodbye.

they sense another bad idea coming on the horizonCollapse )